crefre partner
The CREFRE, Regional Center of Functional Exploration and Experimental Resources, (based in Toulouse, France) is a mixed unit Inserm/Paul Sabatier University endowed with highly sophisticated equipment, included animal breeding.

CREFRE is specialized in the production of Genetically Modified Animals, the pathophysiological exploration of transgenic animal models (mice, rats and zebrafish) and the phenotyping. The laboratory, based in the IUCT Oncopole, has centralized services for transgenesis, cryopreservation and decontamination, but also non-invasive exploration, and experimental animal breeding.

The Regional Center of Functional Exploration and Experimental Resources established a quality system with certifications like ISO 9001:2015 and NFS 50:900 2016 ongoing, and the BPL ANSM certification obtained in 2016.

This unique French academic structure leads toxicology and bio-distribution pre-clinical projects. It also has an experimental histopathology platform with equipment to perform immunohistochemistry, microdissection, tissue array…