S.A.F.AN. Bioinformatics is a private company specializing in fee-for-service chemo-informatic and structural bioinformatics studies based in Italy.

This company has developed a proprietary in silico profiling technology for small molecules, ranking the binding of one compound to 3200 protein targets belonging to 14 different classes. S.A.F.AN. Bioinformatics is specialized in chemoinformatic and structural bioinformatics research.

Therefore, the company aims to reposition drugs by using a specific computational method in order to hasten the repurposing process at a reduced cost.

Recently, they launched SAFAN-ISP, a new fragment based in-silico screening profiling technology. SAFAN-ISP can be used to reposition drugs using the disease database, to predict side effects using the associated database, and to target identification in phenotypic screening outputs. This technology can also be enhanced with the company’s bioinformatic know how to understand the molecular details of ligand binding.

To know more about S.A.F.AN. Bioinformatics : https://www.linkedin.com/company/s-a-f-an–bioinformatics/?originalSubdomain=fr