HUMANA BIOSCIENCES IS A PRE-CLINICAL contract research organization (CRO) with a large expertise in Respiratory, Gastro-Intestinal and Uro-Genital therapeutics areas. Every study we conduct is a custom designed study tailored specifically for the client. Our objective is to offer our customers the best predictive experimental models for chronic functional pathologies.

OUR ULTIMATE AMBITION IS TO MAKE YOUR PRE-CLINICAL DRUG DEVELOPMENT MORE PREDICTIVE and faster. Our mission is to reduce the number of inefficacious candidates moving through to the later stages of clinical investigation by developing innovative experimental models (in vitro and in vivo). Partnering with Humana Biosciences also gives you on-demand access to ethically obtained human tissues.


Translational Pharmacology

Improve the predictivity of your pre-clinical studies


Bioinformatics tools to identify potential off-targets
and evaluate therapeutic switching opportunities

humana biosciences expertise

Human Tissues Supply

In full compliance with the highest ethical guidelines

Technological Platforms

A wide range of technological platforms to perform proof-of-concept studies

Our goal is to perform pre-clinical studies of the highest quality:

Animal house certified SOPF (Specific and Opportunistic Pathogen-Free)
Laboratory Animal Platform certified ISO 9001:2008
by LRQA & OECD Principles of GLP
Ethically supplied Human Tissues


CEO message

In recent years, the reasons for failure of drug development programs have been the subject of much discussion.  Although adverse effects, toxicity, or pharmacokinetic features are often cited as reasons for arrested drug development, a review of the portfolio performance of AstraZeneca (Cook D, et al.. Nat Rev Drug Discov. 2014; 13:419–431) suggests failures in Phase II studies are caused by a lack of efficacy. This probably results from differences in behavior of the drug target in the assay systems compared with the target behavior in patients. Most of the time, the pre-clinical pharmacology for many of these agents is established in cell culture, an oversimplified physiological microenvironment.

At Humana Biosciences we believe that drug screening can be improved with the use of human cells ideally derived from patients and then cultured in the most physiologically relevant conditions.

That is why our mission is to develop and commercialize in vitro experimental models based on the use of human cells and tissues coming from patients having the pathology of interest.

Moreover, in our laboratories, we are constantly working to set up the most relevant models of experimental pathologies to be used for in vivo proof of concept, based on the best predictive animal species and phenotypes, including transgenic animals.

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